Rend showcases new Stagswood biome with video


Frostkeep Studios showed off plenty for Rend at E3, as you can see from our hands-on with the game, but the studio still has more to share. It unveiled another boime last Friday, showing off the lush landscape that surrounds hearthhome with a flyover video. Stagswood is home to — you guessed it — stags. But this survival PvPvE game doesn’t feature just ordinary stags. No, these majestic luminescent creatures have beautiful flora growing out of their mighty antlers. They live among the skogurfrut bushes and hardwood saplings under the canopy. Also living amid the foliage (likely stalking you) are wargs, and down in caves you’ll find vicious looking Ursas. Check out some screens below, then watch the flyover and collect a few survival tips on Rend’s official site.

Source: Rend site

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Bryan Turner

What is this Bless 2.0?


I really want to be interested in this game, but I feel like it just looks like Crossbows Online. All the gameplay I’ve ever seen has just been people shooting crossbow bolts at each other or at creatures. I really hope there actually ARE other weapons in the game, as well as actual reasons to use said weapons, and if anyone knows of any recent gameplay/screens that show off others, please let me know.