Blade & Soul offers the notes for the Celestial Dawn patch on June 20

The dawning of Right Now.
It’s almost the dawning of the age of… celestiality? You know, there’s probably a reason why Blade & Soul didn’t make that joke for its Celestial Dawn patch, which arrives on June 20th. Seriously, you can check out the patch notes on the official site, or you can look at a preview and a trailer for the patch just below. They’re all there, and they should provide you all of the background you need on the patch.

If you’d rather just read it right now, though, you can look forward to a new Heroic solo dungeon, the final part of the 12-player Nightfall Sanctuary raid, and a new Grand Celestial evolution for your favorite weapon. That’s in addition to the usual quality of life bumps that come with every patch including new items to purchase from Lee Youjin and a new buff for normal dungeons. Dedicated players will want to read through the patch notes just the same. There’s lots of information.

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Ready for the drop. This is a pretty big update for the dead summer months.

Players will use this update to gear up for the big content and story updates in the fall.


This what a MMo in active development should look like. Good updates / Old stuff rework / qol /
The latest (next) kr update looks sick too


…I must admit, the neko shoujo with a Warden weapon was interesting. o.O