Closers launches Violet character, nukes the fatigue system on July 3

En Masse has big plans for its action MMO Closers, the studio announced in a press release today. Not only will Closers launch new swords toon Violet in the upcoming July 3rd patch, but it’ll also get rid of the much-hated fatigue system that effectively capped how many dungeons and other content players could do every week – unless they paid for the VIP sub or loaded up on stamina gear. It was particularly penalizing for newbies, too, as their caps were significantly lower.

“En Masse has heard the feedback from players about Fatigue and is delighted to announce that the in-game Fatigue system will be permanently removed July 3. Removing Fatigue allows gamers to spend more time pursuing more achievements, finding elite loot, and improve the overall Closers gameplay experience.”

Violet sounds pretty nifty herself; she “utilizes her Phase Force abilities in conjunction with her devastating sword attacks to ravage all enemies within sight” alongside her “personal assistant Hyde.”

Source: Press release
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