Anarchy Online teases upcoming 17th anniversary event


Happy 17th birthday, Anarchy Online! Seventeen years ago this month, Funcom first stepped out onto the MMORPG scene and “launched” this sci-fi title. We are legally obligated to put that into quotes, because it wasn’t so much of a game launch as a mockery of all that was good and pure in the world. Fortunately, the disastrous start eventually gave way to a solid and engaging title that endures to this day.

Anarchy Online is days away from throwing its anniversary event, which will take place from June 26th through July 19th. While there aren’t any specifics out on the event quite yet, you can take a look at last year’s anniversary details to get an idea of what is probably coming.

And if you’re feeling all nostalgic, why not indulge some more by reading our Game Archaeologist retrospective of this game?

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Wasn’t into MMO’s as yet when it launched, when i did try AO, at the time was very deep into EQ2, and SWG. This is a time when when ONE yes that is a 1 – MMO was enough for any mere mortal.

To a testament to how amazing that mmo is i almost dropped EQ2 in favor of AO, knowing how entrenched i was in EQ2 would say it all.

I sold concrete cushions for awhile to get by, but yea SWG, EQ2 and AO, sure you could dabble in all three but as far as getting anywhere, it’s just not the way you played back then. One was more than enough.

Geoff Bogaert

I stopped playing but I still love it.
I really wish that they would work on a sequel.

But the funcom that made AO no longer exist. And these days they would cut out the things that made it special and challenging. So perhaps this should stay a dream.

Anarchy Online: Beyond Rubi Ka.

Kickstarter Donor

Ah, that launch was terrible. Server disconnects causing items to be lost. What a great experience to hunt leets in the back yards and have them tell you to stfu. My SO and I stopped playing it for awhile, but then gave it another shot about six months or a year later. Was much better at that point, so we stuck with it for quite awhile, picking up all the expansions.

Loyal Patron
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That launch was the worst but a later visit to that game sure gave me some good memories.
So happy bday AO.

Castagere Shaikura

My first mmo and favorite. To bad its run by Funcom. Its in maintenance mode and they still charge a sub.for the full game.

Bruno Brito

This game is…good. I can’t lie. But it’s so confusing. It really would benefit from a ground-up rework. Keep the setting, improve the graphics, keep the complexity but shove off the confusing stuff.

THIS is the game Funcom should rework now.


That would be a waste of money at this point. They should just make Anarchy Online 2.

Bruno Brito

I agree but i don’t think anything should really be revamped history wise. Not many people played the original AO.

What could be done is that they go AO2 in everything except questing/storyline. We keep Rubi-ka, we keep the ID questing for you to go to the mainland, etc etc.