RIFT issues another progression server challenge, loses lead raid developer

It’s time to play the catch-up game with RIFT, starting with this week’s new challenge by the devs to progression server players. For the next month, players are tasked with sealing 120 rifts of various types as well as completing 20 zone events to secure a “Planar Protector” title. There are new PvP and crafting challenges as well.

Moving on to team news, players discovered the Raid Lead Designer Richard “Icarus” Byon has left Trion Worlds for another opportunity. Trion confirmed the departure: “We are extremely proud and grateful of the work he accomplished for RIFT; he is a talented designer and hard worker who brought a lot to the team and Trion as a whole. We have made gains to shift resources and continue to avidly work on instance and raid content. The RIFT team has some great content that we are working on while re-positioning our cadence and development focus.”

And as Summerfest approaches, so does a new patch for the game. Over on the test server, players are getting a look at various proposed gear and class changes. Out of all of these, the Warrior is getting the most attention and will see its soul points reset when the patch goes live.

Source: RIFT, forumspatch notes. Thanks Anon!

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