The Daily Grind: How much dough have you dropped on Steam in its lifetime?


VentureBeat noticed this week that it’s possible to figure out just how much money you’ve blown on video games, at least through Steam, by using Valve’s “account spend tool.” A lot of people clicking that tool are about to get a sobering reminder that they’d better stay on Valve’s good side if they don’t want thousands of dollars’ worth of games whisked away into an account black hole.

My own number… well, let’s just say that it’s not nearly as bad as I was fearing. I’ve spent far more money on World of Warcraft than I’ve spent on Steam. But that’s probably because most MMORPGs I’ve paid into for so many years aren’t there, and most of what I do buy on Steam is deeply on sale. And my husband and I have our accounts linked too, so we don’t double buy much. I escaped easy – less than the VentureBeat writer!

How about you? How much dough have you dropped on Steam in its lifetime? Does the number give you pause about just how inured to digital distribution we’ve all become?

(Thanks for the idea, Serrenity!)

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Jonny Sage

Probably a 1000 or so. No more than I would have spent without it. Less than I spent on coffee this year.


TotalSpend2018-06-22 18:39:28.547$3,583.33, not too bad.

IronSalamander8 .

Add 11.99 and tax and a game as I bought Starship Theory last night. :P


$380 directly through Steam the rest are via devs and hummblebundle

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About $2400 over 13 years, starting with the purchase of vanilla Half Life 2 (why do i have to install this dumb program to play a single player game from a disc? Oh the naivety.)
Now ask me how many I’ve actually played. *hangs head in shame*


too much but I don’t care. Gaben is a hero.

Dug From The Earth

Im a 15 year steam vet

At first, my numbers sorta shocked me. Being a serious gamer, ive got quite a few games under my belt. So I started breaking down my costs – per year – per day, etc, and comparing them.

I pay less per day than I would for basic cable tv
I pay less per day than 1 trip to Starbucks
I pay less per day than ordering a drink at a club/bar
I pay less per day than 1 night time movie per week with popcorn.

After realizing that, I dont feel so bad. If I didnt game, but did any of the above, id actually be spending more than I am now.

I enjoy my hobby, and am content with it.

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agemyth 😩

comment image
$532 of that was spent on Dota 2 alone.

I’m pretty sure Valve has been siphoning money from me slowly and quietly.

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1.595$ over 14 years with 118 games in my library.
That’s just 9.50$ a month. My friday afternoon pub tab is bigger than that.
So, no surprise, no shock and no regrets here.


$1200 since 2011. Would’ve been less but I can be impatient about waiting for sales when I get it in my head that I really want to play something.