Dark and Light announces its first expansion, Shard of Faith, for later this summer

Hey, guys.

It’s been a year since Dark and Light went into early access, and the game has been updating ever since that launch. To celebrate, the game is giving players more reasons to get into it, starting by taking part in the Steam summer sale at half the usual price. But if that’s not enough to entice you? Perhaps you need the addition of an expansion for the game at some point later this summer, because that’s happening.

While we don’t yet know all of the details, players will definitely be able to reach new heights of power whilst fighting against encroaching evil planes and exploring a new playable map. It’s also one of those big free updates for those who own the game, and that’s on top of buffed drop rates for the title during the Steam sale. So if you want to get in and start playing now, well, you’ve got all the reasons in the world to get ready for something bigger.

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This game is unoptimized and has awful mob placement atm, I feel like it was better when it first came out in EA then it is now.

Russell Hunt

How can they have an expansion when they have yet to launch? EA is not launch as everything will be wiped, correct?

Teh Beardling

I kinda wondered this too. i love survival games, ark/conan etc. and was wondering how this game was.

Brown Jenkin

Anyone got much feedback on this game? Its currently like 15$ on Steam so if it isn’t total garbage I might pick up a copy.

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I bought it, but I haven’t tried it yet. Watching some videos, it’s obviously a reskin of ARK. Not that that’s a bad thing necessarily, but some of the same issues with ARK are likely to still be present. Still, I put over 500 hours into ARK, so I was willing to give it a shot. It has a decent modding community from what I can tell.

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Its far less unfriendly than ARK I can tell you that for sure. And by that I mean although there are higher level things wandering around there is at least an attempt to scale things. The closer you are to the hubs generally the safer things are, the further out you go the more dangerous it becomes.

Indeed the only major threat to watch out for early on is the meteorites that appear in set places from time to time..yes you can get resources from them but they also spawn these undead that will wreck your builds and captured creatures time and again… tip do not build next to a meteorite site lol

2Ton Gamer

I played it at launch and gave it a month. It was decent and had more potential than Ark, but the team is not as good as Ark’s (yes I know Ark has it’s share of bugs, etc), but this game had more potential with it’s class skills and the fact that it’s magic based. I wanted mods though because the game needed something for some it’s grindy features like farming and taming. They had some cool ideas where you could trap special creatures and then keep them subdued for 18 hours (real time) and it would turn into a more special creature which you could then tame. Mods would have made that much more manageable. The game also had hourly events where a storm would come and special magic shard droppers would spawn in certain areas. I have kept tabs on the game and although this expansion caught me offguard at least I do not have to pay for it. There’s some good play and I’m sure with mods now in and all of the updates it’s much better. I was a fan of their different building types as well such as elf/man/dwarf, but they did not have them all in back then. I’d say it’s worth it as I did not feel cheated back then and have always imagined going back.