The Daily Grind: What are your summer MMO goals?

Now that most schools are out and the heat has begun in earnest in the northern hemisphere, it’s the perfect time to retreat into sunless rooms and pour yourself into MMORPGs. It’s also the perfect time to get stuff done and accomplish everything that’s been stacking up on your gaming backlog.

Getting everything ready for Battle for Azeroth is a high priority for me, although I’m pretty much ready right now. Past that, I’d love to get through Star Trek Online’s newest expansion, enjoy my weekly DDO group nights, and find my way out of Northern Mirkwood in Lord of the Rings Online. There aren’t any summer festivals that are particularly calling to me right now, but that may change.

So what are your summer MMO goals? What do you want to get accomplished by the end of the season?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Nick Smith

Lots of Trove.. new expansion next week!
Try out Camelot unchained open beta.
Fly around in Elite Dangerous… experience new mining update. Build something big in Conan Exiles. SMITE!


Get my GW2 tempest in full ascended kit, three slots left.

Justin Land

Finally hit the end of ffxiv stormbloods main story quest, nezt is to get to current patch, then go to wow and do the same thing.

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Jack Pipsam

I’m cold.
Right now more focused on IRL stuff tbh, but with WoW’s expansion around the corner I do want to prep for that.

Kickstarter Donor

My central goal right now, which could easily take up the entire summer and then some, is founding a guild and getting it off the ground. I’m about ready to go forward with it, except for a few things including my impending move.

Another location-related side goal is that if I find work and relocate somewhere that is A) not dangerous to go walking and B) not in the middle of nowhere, I’d like to finally give Pokemon Go a serious try.

Vicarious Fan

just finished one of mine, Finish all the Nemeisis quests in WoW and get the Warlord Of Draenor Title and Lord of War title.


I have BDO on daily rewards. I am not playing any other MMOs right now. nothing is interesting at the moment. I’ve been playing a ton of elder scrolls legends and battlefront 2 and fallout in anticipation of 76.

Malcolm Swoboda

Not much actually. I’m around for SWL’s anniversary. I may check out stuff like ESO again. I have bigger life things to do. For gaming, I’d like to see if I can finish the Baldur’s Gate series.


World Adrift, this week at least. Its been pretty fun getting killed, figuring stuff out, exploring, getting killed and then I got boarded and killed the pirate trying to kill me on my own ship. Had a dude grappel hang off the bottom, swung him into a few cliff sides. Prettt fun little sandbox thats on sale.

Vincent Clark

Spend less time in MMOs?