APB Reloaded lays out its roadmap, hopes to bring the game to Unreal 4

Load it up.

With multiple projects in the works and an effort to bring the console and PC versions into parity, APB Reloaded is enjoying actual development and direction these days.

New owners Little Orbit published a roadmap for the troubled MMO, breaking it down into several different tasks. Strengthening the game’s infrastructure (including “cleaning out the cobwebs”) is a high priority, as is integrating a new client-side anti-cheat system and exploit fixes. Other projects include reducing lag, bringing the game up to the Unreal 3.5 engine, adding console features, and actually adding some new content.

Little Orbit said that it also has a second team devoted to working on an Unreal Engine 4 version of the game: “This will not be a short project, but it has lots of miilestones along the way. We are initially focused on getting the third-person shooter mechanics of APB up and running in one of the existing districts.”

Source: APB Reloaded. Thanks Pasha!
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Chris Moss

I’ve put several hundred hours into this game over the last 4 years. I love that it’s finally owned by a company that is putting some work into it. I can’t wait for APB to be back to it’s glory days.

Kickstarter Donor

Same here!

Chris Moss

Not just the character creator, the symbol creator in game too.


Ue4 just means the game will be terribly optimized, even high end pcs will have trouble. When there is a bunch of people in one area let the leg begin. Ue4 is designed more for a 30-40 player game . I have not seen a ue4 game yet to prove otherwise.


I agree, they are going way over their heads with this. That will not only make the game poorly optimized, but UE4 actually has one “feature” that I really hate and in my opinion makes games uglier – the shadows or games in general are a lot darker without the light being “lighter” and it makes many games to be very ugly and sometimes hard to see.

Not only that, but it will alienate users with older machines. I think I remember APB being kind of buggy and unstable even as it is, I fear UE4 will worsen things before they get better.


I really hope they fix the hacking. That was the biggest hang up for me.


This is exciting! I loved playing this game.