Worlds Adrift postpones this week’s patch, The Guardian compares it to Fortnite


Don’t expect a patch this week in Worlds Adrift: Bossa’s delayed it to July 3rd. In its latest dev blog, the studio says it’s packing more into that patch than originally planned to compensate. In the meantime, the team is working on fixes for alliances, new raider gear, propellers, the character sheet do-over, an item exploit, new resource types, and bug fixing – including the grey screen issue, though apparently that’s not actually solved yet.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has done a rather dramatic piece highlighting the game and whether Bossa’s “billion-dollar tech [can] make it the next Fortnite.” The tech it’s referring to, of course, is SpatialOS, which has been a buzzword for the MMO genre for the last few years.

“Back in April 2014, when development started on Worlds Adrift, it looked like a left-field proposition, but four years on, with Fortnite reaching dizzying heights, it looks like it could be perfectly pitched to capture imaginations,” the publication suggests. “Early signs, at least, seem promising: during the closed beta alone, more than 10,000 ships were built by players, along with hundreds of islands that were periodically dropped into the game proper. But even a billion dollars of tech can only provide the sandpit for players to play in; whether they turn up is the big question now.”

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