BioWare: ‘Anthem is unlike anything we’ve ever done’


Game Informer is enjoying a heapload of exclusives on BioWare’s upcoming Anthem, including an interview with the game’s leads. The studio said that the world players encounter is “unfinished,” with artifacts and mysteries left behind by mysterious entities that used to reside on the planet.

“People are living in a world where things are turning on and causing not only destruction but actual creation,” said Executive Producer Mark Darrah. “This is a world that was in the middle of being created.”

BioWare talked about the creation of this brand-new IP, a lengthy process that has taken six years already. “Anthem is unlike anything that BioWare has ever done,” said Producer Mike Gamble. “What we really wanted to do with Anthem was to explore different kinds of gameplay.”

Darrah added more info yesterday too, tweeting to players that multiple freelancers will be rollable per account, gear drops are based on your overall freelancer level, you can’t swap loadouts in the field, and the game will have multiple modes a la Destiny.

Check out two of these interviews after the break!

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