Final Fantasy XIV’s community is rocked by a fansite sexual harassment scandal

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When it comes to ranking friendly, warm, and welcoming MMO communities, Final Fantasy XIV is right up there near or at the top of the list. Yet that doesn’t mean it is free from some of the corrupt and evil influences of the world, as evidenced in a recent scandal that involves a fansite, blackmail, and sexual harassment.

The fansite in question is The Moogle Post, one of the largest FFXIV community sites on the internet and which was led by an editor-in-chief known as Oldbear Stormborn. Nine women — part of a group of 15 called “Anonymous Janes” — came forward to PC Gamer to accuse Oldbear of “blackmail, coercion, and extensive emotional manipulation” of those he grew attached to in game and through the site.

Some of these accusations include Oldbear’s alleged use of nude photos as leverage to blackmail the women. In all of the situations, his accusers say, he would form a bond with women and then attempt to manipulate them, make unwanted advances, and isolate them from others.

Oldbear did admit and apologize for this behavior, saying on Discord that his actions were “a self-destructive game.” He has since softened his apology by denying that he abused anyone and resigning his position as editor-in-chief. New operators have taken over the fansite and posted a statement (since retracted) saying that the site “in no way, shape, or form condones any of the alleged behaviors” of Oldbear.

Source: Anonymous JanePC Gamer. Thanks, David, Cotic, and FusionX.
An anonymous TMP rep (verified by Reddit mods) has further clarified the group’s overall position on Reddit in light of apparent backtracking:

“The same statement was sent out across the official TMP twitter and social accounts – However, Oldbear has since demanded that he be given back leadership of TMP (to which he was denied by the current staff) and used his recovery info (his phone number on the social accounts) to regain access to them and delete the statement, making it look like TMP condones his actions.

TMP (The Moogle Post)’s stance has not changed since the initial statement – The Moogle Post staff in no way, shape, or form condones any of the alleged behaviors and wishes to make clear the separation between Oldbear and our magazine. Repeat – Oldbear has full control of all TMP social media accounts other than the discord server, and the TMP team does not condone anything that is said or done through those accounts.

Oldbear is trying to undo this separation, and that’s the reason why it may seem TMP has gone back and forth with it. The only thing the TMP staff is in control of (and Oldbear is not) is the discord server where the official statement was made.

tl;dr: Oldbear and the TMP social accounts do not speak for the TMP staff.”

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