Neverwinter goes gothic with today’s Ravenloft module launch

It’s a big release day for many MMOs across the industry, and Neverwinter wants to get in on that hot summer action with the launch of its Ravenloft module on PC (consoles, as usual, will come at a later date).

The game’s 14th content update brings players to the horror-themed land of Barovia where they will face off against a vampire, have their fortune read in the cards, explore a gothic adventure zone, ooh and ahh over a day/night cycle, and take on the Castle Ravenloft dungeon. Of course, there are plenty of attractive new rewards to reap while doing this!

“Strahd is an icon and his cursed land of Barovia made for some really interesting gameplay opportunities,” said Executive Producer Gordon Fong. “This module is a bit of a departure for the game: It’s the first time we’ve left the Forgotten Realms and it’s a much different tone than anything we’ve done before.”

Source: Neverwinter, press release
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Would love to dive back in, but people are telling me it’s still grindy as hell, your bags are still full of worthless crap, and the P2W is strong.
I wish they’d ACTUALLY made a D&D game (it’s not like 4.0 wouldn’t have perfectly ported to a MMO mechanic) instead of just wrapped a D&D ‘texture’ on a fairly vanilla MMO.

(DDO used to be D&D, but likewise long since abandoned it mechanically)

Mike Pieniaszek

i would give it a try if i were you… ive been away from neverwinter for almost 3 years. got sick of all the decent looking items being cash shop only, and the only way to get them was either A:have max character slots or B: buy zen to transfer
with the latest patch they made how much ad you can grind account wide, and also almost tippled the cap per char/account, this may not be as good as having it on all my chars but now i can stick to a char i like instead of having to hop around to maximize….

also the new addon, which it doesnt note in the patch notes, has a lot of catch up mechanics… there is blue gear that drops from the new monsters, which for current players is somewhat crap, but for someone like me who has been away for awhile, this gear is almost tripple the item level of my current gear (old gear was in the 100s-200s, this is 490 gear) and its cheap on the auction house as well. 3-10k ad per peice, the new hunters are very fun and the whole theme is very cool as well. plus i know we all hate lockboxes but there is a bunch of cool horror / vampire related gear / items in the new lockbox:D