Crowfall’s seasonal changes affect more than just the vistas

It's fine.

Forget oohing and ahhing over day/night cycles in MMORPGs — Crowfall is bringing whole seasons to its campaign worlds, and they’re going to be nothing like you’ve seen before in online RPGs.

Crowfall’s dev team is concerned with both showing the “passage of time” in the universe, rotating through spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons. Each game world begins in spring and concludes in winter, giving players an easy way of figuring out roughly how much time is left in a campaign.

Beyond merely functioning as a countdown timer with various visuals and weather effects, seasons also shower players with various buffs and debuffs. As the seasons progress to winter, players will find that it will be more difficult to harvest and find food. “Get all your food early!” ArtCraft advises.

“Eventually, once the baseline system is established, we intend to add more systems to support this central idea,” the studio said. “Our hope is that this will add more strategy to the campaign — and more moment-to-moment activities where the collection (or denial) of food becomes a valid tactic for guilds and factions.”

Source: Crowfall
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