DC Universe Online launches part 3 of the Death of Superman

Super deadery.
He lived, he died, and he’ll probably live again. Not just because comics tend to bring people back to life, but because, well, the whole Death of Superman event ended with an alive Superman. But perhaps you’ll be surprised with the third part of the event in DC Universe Online, which goes live today at 12:00 p.m. EDT. No downtime is expected for the change, so you can just keep playing and then move forward!

The third part was already tested on the game’s test server and involved heading out to find Superman’s corpse, which will probably be instrumental in reviving him. Or walking through Metropolis with him all Weekend at Bernie’s-style. Whichever one strikes your fancy, you’ll be able to do it yourself once the update is triggered. New rewards, new fights, and a fresh Superman corpse await you! At noon. Until then, you’ll need to just amuse yourself with jokes about his status as a dead guy.

Meanwhile, Daybreak has also surprise-announced the kryptonian time capsule via stream!

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i agree with rafael, i was thinking of trying this game out it doesnt seem bad.


I don’t know. Maybe it’s just another sign that I’m getting old but… is the death of Supes becoming a meme?

I don’t like it. It should be a once in a generation tale. That is, we already had it in the movies, and I don’t think it should be revisited by DC again. It is supposed to be an earth-shattering event across the DC universe.

The comics were that way. The fight with Doomsday and death of Supes in Superman #75 (January 1993) was an event. And he was gone. I mean really gone as in the comic stopped, breaking comic nerd hearts everywhere. When he returned in The Adventures of Superman #505, it was an event. Comic book fans rejoiced! Lol.

My point is that, this isn’t a story to be told in different media every once in a while. It should be limited and untouched. It is that important. Supes is that important to DC.

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all Weekend at Bernie’s-style

Guessing the young grasshoppers will have to look up that movie to understand that line… :P