Guild Wars 2 deals with disconnections and progress-killing bugs for its latest episode

There are some gearing issues in GW2, but those are... different issues, let's leave it there.
Finally! You can play the newest episode of Guild Wars 2’s Living Story! And by “play” we of course mean “attempt to play before an error hits you,” because that was unfortunately affecting a large number of players through yesterday. Anecdotal evidence points to the problems being focused around story instances and new zones, which you may recognize as being some of the biggest components to this particular update and the exact thing that players would be rushing to experience.

The team is working on fixing the many bugs and issues that have cropped up, including one redirection from a quest’s intended directions to send players directly to Desert Highlands, hopefully bypassing a disconnection issue with the quest “Forewarned is Forearmed.” However the team is aware that this didn’t fix all of the issues, nor did it even fix all of the issues with that particular quest. So while these bugs will no doubt get ironed out, it might take a couple of days before the new episode is actually possibly to get through.

Finally, a chance for Bless Online to be smug.

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Update: ArenaNet has a fresh update as of Wednesday afternoon. “After last night’s build, we were able to see some players successfully progressing in Episode 3. However, we’re also aware that other players have not been able to do so. The team working on this bug during the night and early this morning is continuing to work on solutions. The corrections may come in more than one phase, the first of which we are hoping to get out later today. We’ll update when we have more information on this, and want to again thank you for your patience and support.”
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Robert Basler

When you consider how often ArenaNet pushes out new builds (they can update the game while people are playing which is totally slick) I’ll give them some slack when one update goes wrong.

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah. I had had problems logging in yesterday morning so when it came time to decide what to do last night, we decided not to play right away.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Updated with the latest statement.


the new map is working and i already got my roller beetle mount

Kickstarter Donor

Damn, weeks of delays and all these bugs preventing folks from even really playing on day one : (

Even though it’ll be a bit before I catch up to the story, kinda glad I missed the instability yesterday. Sometimes it’s good to be stuck at work all day : |


It’s always the late patches that are the buggiest, huh?
A damn mess, even a day later.