Happy 17th birthday, Anarchy Online – Funcom is celebrating with a free-play week


If your first memory of playing Anarchy Online consists of a horrifying slog through alpha, as mine does, then you might be wondering how the heck the first big sci-fi MMORPG has made it all the way to 17 years old. I’m gonna call it gumption plus Funcom’s singular ability to withstand how every article about AO over that long span of time has to mention the worst alpha test of all time.

But Anarchy Online is still here, 17 years later, and that’s something to be proud about!

To celebrate, Funcom is turning all accounts on for free through July 5th, which means you can log in right now and check out how Rubi-Ka has been doing since you last played. Current and long-term subs can pick up some sweet loot on the side.

“Additionally, until July 19th, Ganimedes Personal Jetpack & Nano Crystal (Balloons) are available in the shop, and an array of new membership offers and new armor that increase stats as you level up!”

Source: Newsletter, official site
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Castagere Shaikura

1 Week is not worth the download. They should lower the sub.cost to 5 bucks a month for a 17 year old game in maintenance mode. They give you the whole game of TSWL for free.


If it’s still making money and people are subbing to it still, why should they? Also the base game plus the Notum Wars pack is F2P by default so it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.

Also unfair to compare it to SWL considering how much content AO compared to a 1 yr old game. Yes SWL is F2P, but take a look at how much it’s restricted if you’re brand new to it.

Castagere Shaikura

If they lowered the sub. to 5 bucks they would make more money than they are now. Most old players don’t want to pay the full sub. fee but would pay a lower one for a 17 year old game in maintenance mode. I personal know close to 20 people that would jump on a lower fee.


It’s too old to make changes on it. Even if they drop the subscription altogether and make it fully F2P with cosmetic-only cash shop, I doubt I will go play it, same for many other people.

They should keep it the way it is for the people that are willing to pay for it. Maybe just give them monthly rewards in appreciation or whatever.

Bruno Brito

So, limbo it is.