Revelation Online is adding New Sulan over the summer

Maybe... actual words?
The latest producer’s letter for Revelation Online has a secret, and that secret is New Sulan. We know from the letter that it’s definitely planned to come out over the summer; that’s not a question. But almost everything else is shrouded in mystery and promises to “discuss it more as launch gets closer,” which will no doubt leaving players in awe about what is surely well-planned content designed to engage all.

We know that New Sulan is more than a visual makeover, as it will contain new mechanics and systems; we just don’t know what any of those mechanics or systems are. However, we’re also told that it will probably not be identical to the Chinese release of the content, which adds further mystery. But it’s new things for PvE players as well, so there’s plenty of reason to get excited even if you’re not yet altogether certain what you’re getting excited about.

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