RIFT hands out free progression server vault space

Everything's cool out here. Like, emotionally.
Have you ever gotten excited about a game issue or MMO extended downtime because you know that there’s a good chance that you will be able to reap some compensation for your troubles? It’s happening today with RIFT’s progression server crowd that’s had to deal with a buggy bank feature. The upshot? Free storage space for all!

“Fixed an issue allowing you to use extended bank vaults even though they were invisible,” the patch notes said. “In accordance with this, YOU GET A VAULT. AND YOU GET A VAULT. AND YOU GET A VAULT! (Vault 1’s extended storage is now available for everybody).”

Today’s hotfix also addressed some wardrobe, LFR, and dimension issues on the live servers and greatly increased the token drop rate for Prime’s expert dungeons and raids.

Summerfest is on the way for RIFT, and dataminers have discovered some of the new goodies that you’ll be able to earn with this year’s festival.

Source: Patch notes

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I hope so, i want to play Marvel Heroes. I dont think that is the case though, they would need to get a license from disney first before relocating staff to something that may not happen.It is positive that they try to compensate the players for the bugs


oh yey, too bad nobody plays anymore except for dimension nerds cause Archonix and the rest of the low-talent script monkeys at Trion can’t actually code a re-release of pre-existing content. I’m sure Scott HACKsman got them pulled sifting through Gazillion’s work to pump out another P2W AA with a Marvel Heroes reboot.