Saga of Lucimia’s latest pre-alpha build includes a ‘completely updated combat system’


Saga of Lucimia has pushed out a big pre-alpha build this week, thanks to the addition of new contract staff. What’s in it? Performance upgrades, a new character creation scene, revamped character creation, new animations, new VFX, the relic system, and “a completely updated combat system that includes (for the first time ever!) the earliest iterations of actual in-game Masteries and associated abilities, as opposed to throwaway Masteries that we were using in previous builds for testing.”

“There have been performance upgrades (the first of many to come), so things should be a bit smoother than the last time we tested publicly,” says the team. “Although, please note that we’re still a pre-alpha product, which means optimization is the lowest agenda on our list of things to do. Even so, we’re doing what we can along the way.”

Expect monthly updates going forward, as well as monthly tester weekends for those who’ve pitched in for the preorder of the game. The next such event begins bright and early Thursday morning. Enjoy the dev walkthrough in the meantime!


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Robert Mann

Servers will be up at 8 p.m. Eastern on June 29th, and up until around midnight July 3rd.

Directly from the link, since Mr. Anderson noted an issue there and I looked.

Tim Anderson

“The next such event begins bright and early Thursday morning.”

Erm…our servers don’t go live until 8 p.m Central on Friday night, June 29th (as mentioned in the blog post). Just an FYI =P