Battle Royale roundup: Realm Royale, H1Z1, PUBG, and Cuisine Royale


All hands on deck, people! We are at Maximum Battle Royale this summer and the bubble hasn’t burst – at least not yet. Maybe it only ends when we have a battle royale game in which 50 battle royale games fight each other for supremacy. In any case, let’s catch up on all of the news of this weird and popular PvP sub-genre!

Making sure that the Sanhok event pass is working properly is at the forefront of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team this week. The event pass increased its daily XP limit and lowered some other requirements to progress through it.

Hi-Rez’s Realm Royale has a new alpha pack for sale and patched in a update designed to “improve the feel and gunplay of weapons.” The studio said that it focused on the responsiveness and unique qualities of each weapon to make them feel more satisfying.

Realm Royale by Hi-Rez Studios hit 3 million players in just 3 weeks of early access. The hit new fantasy class-based battle royale game broke into the top 4 most-played games on Steam during its release week, and has been the #1 most viewed game on Twitch and Mixer. Today, an Alpha pack was introduced, the first purchasable content in the free-to-play game.”

The “April Fool’s joke” Cuisine Royale isn’t so much a joke any longer as the title has shot past a million Steam users in its first week. The studio wants everyone to know that while the game is free right now, it will start charging for Cuisine Royale on July 2nd. Joint battles with friends is coming before then, however.

And finally, H1Z1’s goofier-by-the-day PvP scene has expanded this week with the new Outbreak map. Well, it’s not exactly a new map but rather a remastered version of the PvE Z1 map retooled as an 8km x 8km battle royale playground.


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Seems like H1Z1 has embraced its more chaotic arcadey nature to distance itself from being too overlapping with PUBG. And of course with HiRez’s bit on “#1 most viewed game on Twitch and Mixer”, some things obviously need to be said: 1, they don’t keep concurrently above other games. 2. Of course they’re going to be popular on Mixer when they ran a promo for an exclusive chicken skin; Mixer is pretty much a heavily struggling platform that is Microsoft attempting to try and compete with Amazon (Twitch).