Elite Dangerous’ Beyond: Chapter 2 arrives today; here’s the launch trailer!

The second chapter in Elite Dangerous’ Beyond content is due to land early this afternoon, with the Alliance Challenger as well as a “selection of new wing missions, installation interactions, new settlements to explore and, to combat the ever-growing and ever-encroaching Thargoid threat, a cache of new Guardian weapons and technology from the Tech Brokers.” The update is a free one and rolls out to PC and console together. Full patch notes just went up on the official forums a few minutes ago!

“Beyond, the third Elite Dangerous season will be free for all players, and will focus on community-requested enhancements to the overall player experience. Alongside those core foundational changes, new in-game content will progress the ever-expanding player-driven storyline and give pilots across the galaxy new tools to shape the ongoing narrative. Chapter Two is a smaller update, but still filled with content. Players will find two new ships – the Krait Mk II and the Alliance Challenger – as well as a selection of new Wing Missions, installation interactions, new settlements to explore and a cache of new Guardian weapons and technology from the Tech Brokers to combat the ever-growing and ever-encroaching Thargoid threat.”

As we’ve previously noted, a much larger update for Beyond is still slated for later this year with squadrons and improvements to mining and exploration. If all goes well, the servers should return around noon EDT. Check out the launch trailer in the meantime!

Source: Twitter
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JC Denton

Would love to see an ‘all in one’ inclusive bundle under $20 on Steam (or even outside of Steam) then I’d grab it in a heartbeat.

Went to buy and saw all the random DLC stuff for absurd prices and went ‘NOPE’. The game can be played in solo/offline mode so there’s no ‘but the server costs’ excuse that I care to hear.

I’ve got till the 5th to think about it but I’m also not a fan of this ‘Season Pass’ nonsense. If I buy a game then I expect for it to have a healthy amount of base/core content and not be missing crucial necessary features like engineers :P

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Was flying a Krait last night. Really liked it. Trying to find some of these new Thargoid Scouts to take on though, getting an itchy trigger finger!


Very glad to see some new ships, although it does look like they’re sticking to their cheese wedge base look that almost all ships share.

Dug From The Earth

Will this change the common aspect of the game mentioned in quite of a few of the games reviews?

That being:

“The game doesnt become really fun until you have spent about 50+ hours in it”


If you enjoy flying a spaceship, it is fun from the first moment. If you do not enjoy flying a spaceship, it won’t ever be fun. If you’re somewhere in the middle, Elite will have limited appeal.


Yeah, I’ll second that. It’s either the moment you step in or it’s unlikely to be at all. Most of the fun (for me) in Elite is in the atmosphere, sound effects, ship cockpits, launching from starports, and so on. It’s not in the long play, it’s in the moment-to-moment.

Okay, so things can get better the more you learn and it can be more fun that way – but in my opinion Elite’s long game is its weakest part, certainly if you’re used to MMOs where a lot of the design effort is at end game. Elite’s design effort went into all the upfront stuff.

Case in point: I’m back in a Sidewinder (the starter ship) as I’m flying alongside a friend who’s just started, and it’s as much fun as my most expensive ship. The Sidewinder has less utility on it, certainly, and a lot less firepower, but moment-to-moment actually in the game? Just as much fun.


I’m hoping the Challenger or the Krait will be my next ship – I tried the Alliance Chieftain but it wasn’t quite suited enough to replace my trusty old FAS. Even if they’re not, it’s always fun trying out new ships in Elite.


Some really nice additions and changes in this patch. The guardian FSD booster will be a huge addition for combat focused ships and making it easier for them getting around.