Final Fantasy XIV reveals details about Heaven-on-High and Fan Festival ticket purchases

Just be happy with the bunnies.
The next deep dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV is really the opposite of “deep.” You’re not going down in Heaven-on-High; you’re going up. But it’s still the latest installment of the content, and it provides a different set of requirements right from the start because it’s open to players at level 61 and above who have first cleared part of the Main Scenario and also through the fiftieth floor in Palace of the Dead. Once within, there are traps to disarm, enemies to face, and perhaps most importantly mounts to acquire, so you’ll have good reason for climbing the tower.

Speaking of mounts to acquire, of course, there’s a mount being offered for all Fan Festival attendees, so you probably will want to take part in that particular event as well. Tickets will be officially going on sale on July 10th, with sales open to anyone who was a subscriber this year through distribution of access codes as appropriate. Check out the full procedure on the official site if you’re looking forward to attending; you can still watch the festivities online if you don’t want to go, so you won’t miss out.