World of Warcraft gets its epic ducks in a row for Battle for Azeroth

I'm kind of a contradiction.

With the Midsummer Fire Festival roaring through July 5th and artifact weapons on their way out of the game, World of Warcraft is heating up this summer. Additionally, the nearly 16GB Battle for Azeroth pre-patch is now available to download in the launcher background.

In the second part of a Forbes interview, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has a few suggestions for what players should be doing to get ready for the expansion. His suggestions include grabbing your class mounts, running Chromie’s time hopper events, securing artifact appearances, running the Mage Tower, capping your crafting skills, and getting your Keystone Master achievement for mythic+ dungeons.

And to keep your anticipation stoked for Battle for Azeroth, check out MadSeasonShow’s excellently produced history of World of Warcraft video that takes players through the history of the game from 1999 to today.


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Bryan Turner

I took the plunge, reupped my account and preordered Battle for Azeroth.


If I had to choose right now which version of WoW to subscribe to it would be Vanilla, not because I feel like the old was better (well, I do feel that way), but because I can get into Vanilla without too much effort, I just know my way around. In the latest, expansion there is so much new and so much I don’t care about that I think I might not be able to fit in at all.

Kickstarter Donor

As someone who’s left and returned to WoW multiple times, including one roughly 4 year absence, I feel WoW is really pretty easy to get back into even with everything that, for better or worse, has changed over the years. If you’ve got no interest in the new & changed features of the current iteration of WoW, then by all means I am not encouraging you to try something you’re pretty sure you won’t like. However, if what you see is interesting and you’re just worried about being able to catch up and learn the ropes again, I suspect you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to re-acclimate yourself to the game.

Vicarious Fan

man Mad Season needs to calm down he gets too riled up in his videos.

When he mentioned the other games he should have talked about the influence they had on WoW. For example how when Warhammer Online was released Blizzard made a huge focus on PVP and even added the Achievement system.


That’s how he always talks in his videos. He is the king of monotone but he makes pretty good stuff.

Vicarious Fan

yeah…. i know that was the joke