AdventureQuest 3D is revamping combat to make it more fun, even when you die


Combat is supposed to be fun in AdventureQuest 3D. Is it currently not fun? That’s not important; what’s important is that it could be more fun, so the developers are hard at work to make it so. That means that you should be able to play the class you want in the way that you want, and that includes things that might be silly but are fun. Dual-wielding axes in battle? That’s fun. That should be doable. And so Rogues are currently dual-wielding anything because dual-wielding stuff is fun.

On the more technical side, the development team is hard at work to fix nagging issues like a lack of animation impact from attacks and the process in which your character dies. Yes, even dying could be made more fun. It also includes things like warriors being able to cleave things relentlessly in close combat, which allows them to take on many foes at once. Check out the full rundown of the impending changes on the official site, and check out MJ’s last stream if you want to see how the combat looks now.


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Bruno Brito

Any dualwielding will be better than GW2’s dualwielding.