Defiance 2050 offers a Gemini XIII outfit for watching Twitch

It's a bribe, Charlie Brown.

You there! Will you watch an official developer livestream of Defiance 2050 on July 13th? Perhaps you might say no right now, but would you still say no if you knew that doing so could drop a free Gemini XIII outfit just for watching? Does that change your mind?

Because if it doesn’t, well, this promotion is not going to affect you very much. That’s what it is. Watch the livestream and you get a Twitch drop, that’s the thing.

Of course, there’s stuff going on aside from the drop itself, as there will be other giveaways taking place as well; that’s just the central promotion. Watch the stream for at least 15 minutes after linking your Twitch and Defiance 2050 accounts to get the costume, nice and easy. But the stream will also feature other giveaways, so you can always jump on that as well. Free stuff! Who doesn’t like that?


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If it’s that orange space suit… why on earth would I want that. Uuuuugly!

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I wonder if this will populate over to the XB1 version?