Final Fantasy XI brings out more waves of Dynamis enemies with its next version update

This is not a doll.

Get ready for additional waves of enemies in Dynamis-Divergence in Final Fantasy XI when July comes around, because that’s what’s being added. The game’s next version update will include new waves of enemies and according new rewards, so players will need to team up to take down new challenges. Players will also need to find someone capable of synthesizing weapons with the new materials dropped by those additional waves, which might be a more difficult proposition.

The version update includes the usual new rotation of challenges to defeat in Ambuscade featuring a battle against cracklaws, new titles to show off, and new items to be stored with porter moogles. So it should be a slightly meatier update for players to enjoy if you’re ready to take on new waves of enemies, although otherwise you’ll just have… well, the abundant content already in the game. So you should still have plenty to do, actually.

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