Star Citizen’s 3.2 alpha contains utter rubbish, literally – and Squadron 42 won’t make 2018


This week’s edition of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse is taking a detour into a recap of Squadron 42. CIG says it’s been working on combat, animations, the NPC idle system, procedural tech for the actors, object examination and manipulation, weapons tech, destruction assets (I’m here for this), the Vanduul, and utter rubbish. No really, somebody’s gotta build scrap piles and space detritus! That’s going on somebody’s resume! Love it.

It’s another really short episode, but that’s likely because the team is trying to crank out the final version of the 3.2 alpha, which was reportedly supposed to launch in some sort of official capacity yesterday. (It did not.)┬áThe same VentureBeat article mentions that the current state of the game allows for 50 players per instance.

Source: Official site. Cheers, DK!
Update: CIG has now confirmed that Squadron 42 will not make 2018. You probably already assumed this, but now it’s carved in stone. Thanks for the tip, Joe!
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