WRUP: House evaluation edition

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11:43 (User NVT): Team on-site and beginning inspection.
11:44 (User JPE): Taking half of the team for upper floors.
11:44 (User TTB): JPE is reminded that there are three of us and she does not “count twice.”
11:50 (User JPE): Upper floor appear to be infested with some sort of beetle.
11:58 (User NVT): Basement appears fine. Aside from the flooding. Attempting to identify source of water.
12:03 (User TTB): Ground floor seems fine thus far.
12:12 (User JPE): Upper floor definitely infested with beetles. Curious to see how the beetles react to fire.
12:14 (User JPE): Beetles do not like fire. Neither does exposed wood.
12:21 (User NVT): Cause of flooding appears to be the enormous faucet dispensing water into the basement.
12:30 (User TTB): Ground floor is now flooding. What the hey, NVT?
12:31 (User NVT): All I did was turn off the faucet flooding the basement.
12:31 (User TTB): Found the source of the water that had been shunted into the basement, there appears to be a portal to the middle of the ocean in a parallel world.
12:33 (User JPE): Upper floor appears to be infested with some sort of fire.
12:24 (User TTB): If you think about it, the upper floors and lower floors should cancel each other out.
12:27 (User NVT): Team departing house to answer What Are You Playing and produce a clean bill of health for the premises.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): ​So much I wanna play, so little time. Pokemon Go is happening since I need to lose my E3-diet weight (it’s not that I ate unhealthy, just ate a lot to keep up my energy). I owe some neighborhood kids Splatoon 2, but if they’re not on, maybe I can actually work on the expansion. I want to say I’ll play some Sea of Thieves finally, but I have a feeling Overwatch will happen since I know people who play that and can do a few rounds quickly, whereas, like any solid MMO, SOT takes some time to get going, and I’m not sure I’ll have large chunks of time to spare.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Realistically, nothing. Saturday will be a civic day, and then I’ve got guests staying with me through the holiday. However! I did squeak in some Trove time this week and I am so loving my Vanguardian, which I finally bought. So I’m so excited to get back to that!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): My usual antics of Final Fantasy XIV will probably fill up most of my free time this weekend; I’m also just happy to be done with the tortured process of buying my house, so that’s also nice. Other than that I’ll tool around a bit and maybe indulge in some single-player stuff.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I would like to check out the new summer festival instances in Lord of the Rings Online and get all of the new artifact quests done on my World of Warcraft alts. Other than that, maybe check out Staxel or romp around in Fallout 4?

Patron Pierre Dear fellow MOP readers, I have a confession to make: I’ve been to E3 on a Gamer Pass and it was nice (except for the price, I think the Pass is overpriced but it’s another matter). I always enjoy these kind of conventions where you’re bathed in a gaming-friendly and gaming-passionate atmosphere, surrounded by game images and sounds. And I was very lucky as it gave me the opportunity to meet MOP’s Andrew: It was great. He was extremely busy and I didn’t want to bother him too much, so we only met for a few minutes, but anyway, it confirmed (if needed) that MOP writers (I’m confident the rest of the team is molded from the same cast) are just a bunch of passionate, nice and talented people and I’m happy to be able to support them financially as they really deserve it. But enough with the praise, they’re probably all blushing and feeling embarrassed reading this, as they also are humble people.

So what am I up this weekend? Coming back from E3, a huge load of work waited for me and I didn’t have time to play games at all. But since this weekend, things are getting better and I plan to play a little. I have a lot on my plate this summer in terms of preparation. Life is Strange 2 is coming in September and I want to play through LiS 1 and LiS 2 introductory piece, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit to prepare, for this great and long awaited event. The Walking Dead final season launches its first episode mid-August, and I also want to be ready for that. So after Life is Strange, the first 3 seasons of The Walking Dead (the game) are waiting for me. I still play Destiny 2 in order to prepare for the Forsaken content arriving in September. And finally, I briefly tested State of Decay 2 at a friend’s and really liked it. So this game is also on my plate, and somehow, is the closest to a MMO in terms of actual gaming for me. But you know, so many games, so little time…. Enjoy your gaming WE MOP readers and let us know what you’re playing in the comments. Cheers! :D”

Your turn!

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