Global Chat: A starting point for WoW Classic


The recent announcement of WoW Classic’s starting point — Patch 1.12 — started to make the prospect of this legacy server a lot more real to players, including many MMORPG bloggers.

“Fans of Captain Placeholder are no doubt disappointed, but it seems like a reasonable place to call Vanilla to me,” said The Ancient Gaming Noob.

“I do wonder whether Blizzard will ever take this idea to the logical next step, as other studios have already (both EverQuests and now RIFT), and make it into a progression server so that players can relive the highs of each new content release, patches, and expansions in turn,” mused GamingSF.

Inventory Full concurs: “A server that simply locks at a specific snapshot of the game risks stagnation. There is a market for an unchanging experience as can be seen by the number of ‘maintenance mode’ MMOs that still hold some kind of population but it’s easy to see why a company as large and successful as Blizzard might not consider that audience sufficiently large or profitable to encourage.” Delving into the past

“Things really feel in a slump these days as far as the MMO scene goes. There isn’t really a whole lot of new stuff, and what has come out over the last few years has been new to the west, older games that took years to release here and they have not been all that great. It seems so many games I play are on slow updating schedules, smaller content drops or just feel they are in limbo. But there are some new bits of interest here and there. The longer I play MMO games the more I seem to delve back into the past, or rather, the games that were in their prime in those golden days of the past.”

Aywren Sojourner: FFXIV — ‘What we do is what defines us’

“It’s odd how one of the most enjoyable parts of the new patch for me is the crafting beast tribe quests. To say that it’s renewed my desire to improve my crafters and learn about crafting in FFXIV is an understatement. The Namazu quests are the last things you’d expect to strike home in the heart of an artist/creator. But this weekend, that happened for me.”

Neverwinter Thoughts: Happy fifth!

“I honestly continue to be impressed by how well this plucky little MMO has continued to do (based on realistic measurements of success, not WoW killer standards). I don’t see a lot of talk about it in my little corner of the MMO blogosphere, but based on what limited player numbers we have to try to gauge its success, such as Steam Vharts, it actually seems to be one of the more popular ‘second tier’ MMOs, seemingly outperforming some competitors that seem to get a lot more buzz.”

MMO Bro: Five most influential MMO inventions

“Instancing creates a more controlled environment, allowing for story-telling moments that would be difficult or impossible to replicate in an open world. It allows developers to fine tune encounters around a set number of players and prevent bosses from simply being zerged down by overwhelming numbers.”

Inventory Full: Keeping myself occupied with Occupy White Walls

OWW is a curious pastime. It’s all about art but the tidal pull for me is the clicking together of pieces. Other building and decorating software I’ve used has required either a great deal of technical knowledge, considerable creative ability or, more commonly, both. This is much more forgiving.”

Full Moon Fury: Things I wish I had known in DDO part 1 and part 2

“I ran into my very first ooze in Durk’s Got a Secret and in my excitement, forgot about their Corrode Metal attributes from pen and paper. At the time, I had a handful of assorted (crappy) lootgen weapons and starter gear — remember, this is the first time through! — and watched in abject horror as they all dissolved into proto-paste and I wound up mostly-naked punching slime to death. Yeah, don’t do that. Even when you finally survive the fight, you’re left standing in a sewer with nothing left, scratching your head, thinking to yourself, ‘Well, now what?'”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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I wish there was some mechanism to start on a classic server, then server transfer to a BC server, and so on – while keeping each server locked at a certain point. There should be ample warnings, and perhaps even a cost associated with transferring, so people would be aware that there was no going back. That way I could progress through each expansion at my own pace, let those that simply prefer a certain time of the game have their own fun, and avoid being too slow to enjoy the prog server because it updates every few months or so (EQ2).


Roll on Classic WoW, you can’t come soon enough. Every bit of news I hear about BfA just makes it seem like it’s going to be the worst expansion of them all but I can’t hear enough about Classic. My main hope is that some of the game designs from Classic make their way over into the live game.

Rolan Storm

Old models… Do not like them, I like all visual upgrades WoW did. Still will try it out though.

Kickstarter Donor

Speaking for myself, I think the stagnation aspect — never moving beyond Vanilla — is going to be the Achilles’ heal of this endeavor. I loved Vanilla WoW; in many ways I still consider it the best gaming experience I ever had. I definitely wished they’d kept some of the design philosophies from Vanilla as the game developed with respect to dungeon design, a more deliberate pace, and a few other things. But, frankly, while I will almost certainly play on Classic servers for a time, I don’t want to be stuck with a static world until the end of time.

Christmas Dog

I’m the same way. I’d be interested if it was done like Rift or Everquest where the servers progressively moved along with expansions at a reasonable time, but the idea of being vanilla and only, ever doing that content… forever… does not sound fun.

But hey, I certainly hope the people looking forward to it enjoy it!


I’d put real money on “Classic” being the first of many. As WoW completes it’s lifespan (which gets closer and closer every year!) I think it is straightforward that converting each xpac (over time) into a b2p box w/cash shop is their endgoal assuming Classic makes them $$$, which it will. I think they expect people to play Classic… and TBC… and WotLK (there were never any other xpacs, okay?)

Which actually makes sense. I’m psyched for Classic, but I am also psyched for the idea that TBC and Wrath will eventually get the same treatment.

Alexander Smith

If I was Blizzard and I know they’re smarter than me I would make it progression but done differently. Have servers for each expansion. Allow people to move characters up between even onto live(perhaps charge a fee to do so). I mean if you’re going to take the time to rework the backend might as well go all out and make it a huge monetization too. Plus this way no matter what expansion people loved or what new project “x” is planned they will have a clear home.

Roger Melly

Actually this is what I was thinking . Keeping the original “rule set” of the classic servers and progressing with that in terms of depth and difficulty . But the problem is a lot of the expansions included flying mounts and a lot of people who loved classic WoW didn’t like them . Blizzard already discussed these pristine servers a year or two back .

But maybe it should be optional also allowing you to reach a point when you can clone a character from the classic Warcraft servers to the Burning Crusade allowing you to play both the original and the cloned version of your character .That way you can stop at a point or advance at the same time . I know its a solution that many have suggested to the problem of advancement .

The minute they put group finders and instanced teleportation into dungeon etc on PVP servers I would leave again though because that is was started to kill it off for me in the first place . I liked the faction based world PVP . Its something no game that I have tried since has done nearly as well in the last 13 years .

Who knows maybe Blizzard can offer us the WoW many of us loved and advance it in such a manner that we can enjoy the new content in a less shall we say streamlined manner ( I don’t like to say dumbed down because it implies current WoW players are dumb ) .

Alexander Smith

I don’t know Wotlk gets a lot of love and it introduced dungeon finder. And despite its hate for Panda’s MoP did look amazing.

Malcolm Swoboda

I fully agree. WoW Vanilla/Classic can stay as a maintained home for players if they so desire/subscribe. In the long run, even one server community for it is fine, as long as people generally don’t burn out on the legacy server concept *too* fast.

I am a bit selfish in that I want even, say, Mysts of Pandaria servers to exist, if just to restore ALL MoP content (for example; I’m talking all versions really), including cut questlines.

Legacy servers + head towards the end of WoW(‘s storyline, heavy support) in the 2020s, then hopefully we’ll have tech existing (2020s-30s) where we can just do whatever with our WoW worlds and leave Blizzard to more exclusively doing something else with the franchise, if anything.


Maybe people liked the rules of Vanilla and progression can be made by keeping Vanilla rules in every aspect, but still adding the content up till Legion… Maybe I’m understanding wrong. For now I will just wait and see what they do, although it’s too late for me, I can never go back to WoW, I’ve played it too much and no longer have a craving for it.

Alexander Smith

Like old school scape? Where it basically just starts development under a different path than last time? I don’t see that happening sadly for a few reasons. The first being a lot of people really loved the first two expansions as it was when a lot new players started and I think vanilla won’t be as much of their cup a tea as they think. Even MoP and Cata have a good amount of lovers.

But we shall see Blizzard probably has an idea but won’t tell us shit until months after Classic launches probably. Or they’ll just blow our minds a Blizzcon and say they have the plan already started with a timeline at Blizzcon.

Edit:. On phone this reply was meant for Malcolm Swoboda.


Interesting concept indeed.
The good part is that players can stop progression at the point before they feel the game took a wrong turn. No ghost towns after expansion xx, like for example Everquest 1 and 2 progression servers suffer from.
Of course wotlk will be overpopulated.
The downside is that much of the thrill of progression servers, is starting over and competing/racing (to some degree) on equal terms and in a fresh economy – That part would be lost.

Both pros and cons, but it could work. But the idea is untested, and Blizzard never took the first step on anything.