Square Enix scoops up Boundless, setting it up for a late 2018 launch


It’s been a while since we last caught up with Boundless, that quirky voxel sandbox that might be better known by its former title, Oort Online. It’s now up to Patch 192 in early access, having added features such as an assistance scanner, bombs, brews, portals, meteorites, combat, and so much more over the past six months.

Now the MMO is getting a helpful boost thanks to Square Enix, which has acquired it as part of its indie Collective project and will be the game’s publisher. Boundless is aiming for a release later this year on both PC and PlayStation 4. It will feature crossplay between both platforms.

The publisher introduced the game to its fans: “So what do you do in Boundless? Well, that is very much up to you, since it’s definitely on the sandbox end of MMO games. Unlike many other MMOs, there aren’t any NPCs to give you quests, or buy your unwanted loot. In fact, everything in the game (other than the worlds themselves) is entirely built, crafted, hunted, mined, gathered, or traded by players. And we think *that* is supremely cool.”

Source: Square Enix

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I stumbled on this when it was Oort, and while very minimal it had an intriguing look-and-feel. I’ve been surprised to see the team steadily making updates and progress while still buried in obscurity. I figured they had some sort of interest/backing keeping them funding and moving forward for a couple years. It’s been evolving nicely too, and has fleshed out considerably since its Oort days.

I’m glad they got an official publisher and funding to see it to completion and look forward to trying out the final product. It certainly is one of the prettier Minecraft-esque games out there.

Doctor Sweers

Goood. goooooood. Had me at “quirky”.

Nick Smith

Isnt this on Steam? And is it on sale? Im not able to check this at the monent.

Dug From The Earth

It is on steam. Its not on sale (despite it being the steam summer sale). $35

I remember being interested in this game back when it was Oort and I was in minecraft mode after having played many hours with my younger son. The concept of the seemless portals to other worlds from the first trailer simply blew me away. It kinda made the game feel more than just “Gather and build” that minecraft is limited by.