Pokemon-inspired MMORPG Temtem just funded on Kickstarter with over half a million bucks


Temtem has just fully funded on Kickstarter to the tune of just about $573,919, with 11,715 backers (the counts will keep fluctuating for a few minutes here). It basically crushed its original $70,000 goal. Stretch goals racked up along the way include the Nuzlocke game mode, the Arcade Bar minigames, a Mythical Temtem, mounts, Nintendo switch support, the replay system, guilds, and in-game tournaments. In fact, backers blazed through the game’s entire plan of stretch goals.

As we’ve previously covered, the game is “not hiding the fact that [it’s] heavily inspired by [Pokemon]” but aims to change some bits that are “maybe too close to Pokemon.” The game is very much billed as an MMO – specifically, as a “massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure.”

“When you think about an MMO or MMORPG you probably think of enormous games like World of Warcraft or TERA, in which you have an endless array of possibilities (raids, guild wars, infinite quests, enormous dungeons, a never-ending realm…) but our vision for Temtem is a lot smaller than that,” Spanish studio Crema has said. “The core idea behind Temtem is to build a classic adventure game with a focus on the story campaign, but with online elements added around it (seeing other people online, interacting with them to battle, trade, or just to talk and share experiences).”

Source: Kickstarter
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