Final Fantasy XIV unlocks Heaven-on-High with patch 4.35 today

Come together.
You could argue that the new Deep Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t really deserve the name; you’re going up, not down. That means it’s not really a deep dungeon, is it? But that’s being needlessly pedantic when you know that the important thing is journeying into a randomized dungeon to earn bits of the Accursed Hoard, new weapons, and new vanity items. You can start climbing right now, although you might have to confine yourself to the patch notes if you’re at work at the moment.

Players who aren’t too enticed by this or by the promise of further Hildibrand adventures might be more interested in the latest details about the Feast championship, which is going to be getting a big push at this year’s fan festival. It kicks off today, too, so you can see which players are best at FFXIV PvP in tournament format. Nothing on market board PvP, but we have to admit that’s not quite as cinematic.

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And then a super obscure bug with Summoners ruined it. Yay.

Arsin Halfmoon

I hoped they wouldn’t use a special aetherpool skin, woulda been more fun if I could use my favorite weapon skins, but whatever. I just hope the more advanced aetherpool weapon doesn’t look terrible, the paladin sword skins were just plain HORRIBLE.

Also, do you know if there’s going to be a “sequel” for this like how PoTD had floors 50-100?

Kawaii Five-O

Nope, we got it all at once this time, and really, that’s for the best.

They’ve trimmed the fat, so you don’t have to go through the tedium of doing 51-100 each time, which weren’t difficult, to be able to begin the 101+ climb. This time you can start right from floor 31 (which is where the “hardcore” portion of HoH begins) and finish at 100.

We should be seeing the next part of Eureka in about a ~month, though.

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Just finished PotD floor 50 on my alt earlier, and when the A/C’s fixed again around noon, I’ll be hopping back into XIV to take on Heaven-On-High myself (because it’s too damned hot in here WITHOUT playing a game on my rig) . Can’t wait!