Secret World Legends community mod allows players to make their own in-game missions

Fiiiix me.
No one likes a content lull in a game, but Secret World Legends players don’t have to take it lying down. They don’t actually have to take it at all, in fact, because there’s a community modification to allow players to create their own missions and play those made by others. Admittedly, it’s not going to allow you to create powerful new gear as rewards for those missions, but if you’re in the midst of a content lull that’s probably not your primary concern.

You can check out a trailer and a sample of a mission in action just below, if you’re interested in seeing how the mod works out in practice. Yes, it’s a bit of a stopgap solution for content lulls and doesn’t wholly address the main issue, but it means you can have all sorts of new mysteries to uncover… and other mysteries to create yourself. Isn’t that interesting enough on its own?

Source: Curseforge; thanks to Dan for the tip!
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