Stay Awhile And Listen II is on Kickstarter covering the development of Diablo II

Because the franchise is being brought back from the dead, you see.

Would it be wrong to call Diablo II the most influential sequel ever? Maybe. But it undoubtedly had a huge impact on the game industry as a whole, multiplayer games as a subgenre, and anyone who enjoyed rolling into a dungeon and watching corpses explode. And now you can help fund a book all about how the game moved from conception to development, covering the genesis of the sequel as well as the somewhat controversial expansion pack for the original game.

The project has passed 1/3rd funded at the time of this writing, with a rather modest goal of $12,000 for a print run. If you’ve got an interest in the history of game development in general and this franchise in particular, it’s the sort of thing you’ll want on your bookshelf.


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If anyone else is curious about whether there will be an audiobook like I am:

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Just bring it back already, Blizzard has to see all the writing on the wall. If they can paint over the old SC engine is it possible for D2 or was their something else involved there?