Enjoy the Fallout 76 experience in Fallout: New Vegas… in a way

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As people who are intimately familiar with the online game space (source: you read this site), most everyone here can imagine the worst excesses of player behavior to be found in Fallout 76 before the game launches. But why not experience it firsthand? A new mod for Fallout: New Vegas will allow you to have that online experience for the game right now, well in advance of release.

No, it’s not adding online functionality, why would it do that? It’s adding an NPC with a flamethrower who shows up right after the tutorial and will try to kill you while shouting racist epithets.

Yes, you can probably guess the joke right from there, but there is a video just below for those who would rather just watch something rather than trying to actually play with this mod installed. And if you have some time to play with it yourself… well, don’t say you weren’t properly warned. You knew what to expect.

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Bruno Brito



So true, funny, and sad all at the same time.

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Surely there will be PvE or at least consensual PvP servers? Have they commented on that yet?


There will be private servers post-launch.

And some ‘anti-griefing’ systems, can’t kill another player under level 5, no items lost on death just durability damage, players cannot destroy your structures only damage them severely (in order to prevent the locking of players in somewhere with building) and it is relatively cheap to repair them, after a player kills you once they have a bounty placed on them. That player can’t kill you again without some sort of challenge that the player who died has to accept to continue the PvP.

Not 100% sure on the last one, Todd has said some things here and there about it but I haven’t seen any such system in videos yet.

Castagere Shaikura

76 is going to full of stupid crap like this. I will be saving my money for something else. Don’t forget all the aholes with nuke codes that will be running around nuking everything. Giving players nukes in a Fallout game proves that 76 will only be Fallout in name only. Its every other lame online shooter with 12 year olds filling the chat with racist sexist jokes.


Nukes are extremely hard to get and are used for PvE.


Hilarious ?

Robert Mann

Ah, the screaming is so accurate too. Nigh impossible to understand. Somebody had a real passion for showing just why they don’t want what is coming…

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Somewhat related, I only recently learned there’s a co-op mod for Elder Scrolls Morrowind, which is what I think many players would want for many of the Bethesda games, not so much Fallout 76.


This is great.

In all seriousness, though, I’m eager to see how well games like Fallout 76 and Star Citizen handle the never-ending race between griefers and anti-griefing systems.


Bethesda, with Fallout 76, seems to be looking for a middle road, a way to get PvE players protected enough to avoid frustrating them while making sure enough unavoidable PvP happens to keep the game enjoyable for PvPers.

Personally I think that approach is doomed to fail, as it would make most PvPers unhappy that they can’t shoot at anyone they see and most PvE players unhappy that in some situations PvPers would be able to shoot at them.