Hi-Rez brings American flair to Paladins and SMITE for the 4th of July

If the biggest problem is not having much use for the skins, you're probably fine.
Hi-Rez is getting in on the 4th of July festivities by bringing some star-spangled skins (and a delightfully campy voice pack) to Paladins and SMITE. Paladins players can show their patriotism with the Ameri-Khan skin for the champion Khan, who also receives a new voice pack wherein he proclaims, “Four score and seven years ago, I was born to kick ass and get babes.” We’re sure Abraham Lincoln would be proud.

Meanwhile, SMITE players can get a hold of two new Old Glory-inspired skins for the Greek goddess Nike and the Egyptian sun-god Ra. The skins, dubbed Star Spangled Nike and Ra’Merica, are available alongside past patriotic skins for Zeus, Bacchus, and others, as rewards from Independence Chests. These displays of nationalistic pride are all for a good cause, though; for every Independence Chest purchased, Hi-Rez will donate $1 to the American Red Cross to aid in disaster relief efforts all over the world.

Source: Press Release

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Do developers try not to steal from each other any longer?

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I mean this JUST came out 4 weeks ago. The Valor axe and backpack is almost exactly like the one hi-rez clearly used as their model.

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*Sigh*. I love the idea of money for in-game goodies going to charity, and I’m okay with patriotic stuff in the game. I just wish they weren’t wrapped around lootboxes. “Independence Chests” ranks right up there with “Freedom Fries” on the Silly Names Index.


…well as long as the said “Chests” don’t drop a MAGA cap…but yeah. :(

Caio Muniz

I know that at least the Paladins one has a direct purchase option.