Hi-Rez’s Realm Royale tightens hitboxes in its latest patch


Hi-Rez’s fantasy-themed battle royale title Realm Royale has just received a major update as it continues through alpha testing. The so-called HITBOKS patch brings a number of tweaks to the game, not least of all – as the name suggests – a major reworking of hitboxes, which “are now tighter to the player’s shape and animation,” which the devs say should “significantly improve hit accuracy,” which is always a good thing in a shooter.

Beyond that, the patch also tweaks the skydiving controls to better allow players to land where they want to at the beginning of the game, brings significant buffs to the auto rifle and burst rifle, and adds headshot protection to helmets, allowing players to better guard their precious noggins. The update also fixes a plethora of bugs and expands the game’s localization to include Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Korean language options.

For the complete details, check out the full patch notes on Realm Royale’s Steam page.

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