Conan Exiles has set another Funcom record, announces Jewel of the West DLC and patch


Funcom’s fortunes continue to rise thanks to Conan Exiles: The company announced today that it’s “both the best-selling and fastest-selling game” in its history, passing up 2008’s Age of Conan, which sold 1.4 million units in its first three years. Conan Exiles has busted past that record in under half that time since launching early access in 2017.

There’s good news to look forward to, too, as the devs are working on a freebie patch, and the game is picking up new DLC called Jewel of the West in “early August,” which you’ll note isn’t all that far away.

“The downloadable content introduces new Aquilonia-themed building pieces, weapons, armor, furniture, and more. In Conan lore, Aquilonia is the center of the civilized world and its clothing and architecture is inspired by that of the real-world Romans.”

The free content will include pets and taming, “allowing players to find and tame anything from camels to panthers and even spiders and then use them to guard their base, carry resources, and more.”

Enjoy the new trailer along with the satisfaction of knowing Conan is doing great!

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Padre Adamo

I hope for one day to have a Linux build OR at the very latest a playable version in Wine. I await the funny comments about Linux gaming. \m/

Teh Beardling

I hope they expand the map into the sea a little bit in one of the expansions. Boats/improved fishing would be a cool addition.

Kickstarter Donor

Uhm … The game is already out on PS4.

I know because I have veen playing it.

Also of note: the Aquilonian content is already in the game … After the patch that added the first bit of DLC armor, the game listed it as well as the first set of DLC armor (obviously you couldn’t get it because it wasn’t for sale in the PSN store) and then after the patch that just went up yesterday, it was gone.

So the files are already in the game.

Kickstarter Donor

Nice, I was hoping the Aquilonians would be next. Time to build my Circus Maximus :)