Fractured devs discuss planetary travel, stargates, survival, and more in Kickstarter Q&A video

And staying that way.

MMORPG sandbox Fractured continues its Kickstarter this week, with just 20 days to go on Kickstarter; as I type this, it’s pulled in just under half what it needs to fund its $116,000 goal.

And that means the team is getting busy trying to sell would-be players on the game. On the holiday yesterday, Dynamight Studios ran a 90-minute Q&A livestream answering questions on the game’s survival elements and travel system specifically. Most of the topics, note, have been previously addressed exhaustively on the game’s website. For example, CEO Jacopo Gallelli covers the game’s diurnal cycle (yes, it has one, and no, it’s not just cosmetic), the way players will travel between the planets using stargates, and how the MMO will utilize survival mechanics like hunger and fatigue bars.

But hey, if you’re considering whether to back the game, it’s hard to beat 90 minutes of design transparency in swaying your decision. Give it a listen below.

Source: Press release, official site

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I know there’s no point getting too excited about a any Kickstarter making it to final delivery… But there were enough interesting ideas here for me to become a backer.

The fact they are carefully considering the experience of both pve and PvP players for a change is almost enough on its own.

Here’s hoping it makes it!