PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patches Sanhok to be more pretty and less exploitable

It's still the same game, Beavis.

A new patch is available for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the test server, and it does exactly what the headline says. It makes the Sanhok map prettier, with a number of graphical improvements and little bits of added flair to make it more fun to creep around and shoot your opponents. It also makes the Sanhok map no longer ripe for exploiting, as the current version of the map allows players to tunnel under the terrain in certain ways and then shoot people from perfect cover.

While this feature is much-loved by people who enjoy exploits that no one else can possibly counter, it’s not actually how the game is supposed to work and is thus patched out on the test server. The patch will be brought out to live once the developers are satisfied with its overall stability. Meanwhile, the game is also starting a special event mode in Sanhok, starting today at 10:00 p.m. EDT, pitting 10 squads of five players each against one another.

Source: Steam (1, 2), VG24/7

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Jeremy Barnes

Steam for some reason recommended PubG to me despite my marking it as “not interested” so I clicked on it to mark it as “not interested” and wow, how does such a popular game have mostly negative reviews?