Skyforge’s Gods at War update to introduce PvP balance changes and ladder system

A battle of divine proportions is coming to Skyforge in its upcoming Gods at War update, which will bring “three major innovations” to the game’s PvP experience. Perhaps most notably, the update will implement new balance and scaling changes to the game’s Battle of Golems, Battle of Equals, and Massive Battle PvP game modes, where players’ weapon and gear stats will be adjusted to set combatants on a level playing field. In addition, Gods at War will introduce a new stat that increases a character’s PvP abilities regardless of PvE experience.

On top of the balance changes, Gods at War will also replace the current PvP directives with a new ladder system, allowing players to climb the ranks for bragging rights and in-game rewards. In addition to earning rewards for reaching certain milestones on the PvP ladder, players will also be rewarded based on their ranks at the end of every season, with prizes ranging from consumables to legendary weapons. And last, but not least, the update will add PvP Happy Hours, specific time windows during which rewards from PvP activities will be significantly increased. The Gods at War update will be dropping Wednesday, July 11th, on PC and Thursday, July 12th, on Xbox and PS4.

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