Skyforge details the coming changes to PvP with new stats

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There’s been a bit of a problem with the balance of PvP in Skyforge. The developers want players to be rewarded for accomplishments in PvP, but the scaling system wasn’t working and players with good PvE gear were still coming out on top. Hence the new Honor stat being added to the game with the upcoming Gods at War patch, which should help players with a PvP focus outplay those who are running with whatever stats work for PvE.

Honor caps will increase with each season, but the maximum bonus for Honor will always be at 35% extra health and 20% extra damage in PvP. Honor will always be available through stat replacement, which requires a special item earned through taking part in PvP matches. In short, you’ll get more Honor stats by taking part in more PvP combat, and PvP combat will allow you to gain Honor stats which in turn make you better at PvP. It’s rather straightforward as progression goes, really.