Hearthstone unleashes mad science with The Boomsday Project expansion

Anyone notice how Hearthstone seems to have the best art team and the biggest sense of humor of the entire Blizzard studio? It certainly doesn’t have restraints on its creativity or insanity, as evidenced by the announcement of its latest expansion pack, The Boomsday Project.

Coming on August 7th, The Boomsday Project takes players on a tour of Dr. Boom’s mad science lab and his “irresponsible experiments.” The expansion contains 135 new cards, including nine additional legendary spells. Players will contend with new types of cards such as Projects, Magnetics, and Omegas.

Single-player lovers will be treated to the Puzzle Lab, a solo experience that reportedly (but don’t quote us on this) involves puzzles. There’s a $50 pre-purchase bundle that’s up right now that tosses in a gold legendary and card backing for those who drop a half-C on it.

Go on a mad science bender after the break!

Source: Hearthstone
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I admit, “Boomsday” gave me a smile.

When you’re a gamer, sometimes it feels like every day is Boomsday. :-)

Alexander Smith

They also have an $80 bundle with the option of buying both so it’s not like an upgrade.


It doesn’t have to be an ugprade. You are still getting 80 packs for $1 each, or half off normal cost. That alone is worth it if you play the game a ton.