Black Desert patches in a new tag system for on-the-fly character swaps

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
It’s always nice when your army of characters on a given MMO can be useful for you at all times, and Black Desert’s latest patch makes that happen. The new character tag system lets you swap out your character on the fly for another tagged character of your choice, meaning that you can hop from being a helpless low-level character struggling with a quest to a max-level dynamo for just a few moments. So now leveling multiple characters is planning for the future, not just always making new alts!

Of course, the system does have restrictions. Players cannot swap in the sea, in the desert, or during Node/Conquest wars; there’s also a five-minute cooldown between swaps. The tagged character also cannot buy or sell trade items, nor can trade items be moved from inventory to storage. So you can’t just make the tagged character handle your shopping and such. But you can no doubt come up with interesting things with this mechanic; check out the full patch notes to see the other ways things have been rebalanced and improved.

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Toy Clown

This would have been great to utilize before I got a maid. Now I can’t think of a reason to use this feature.

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François Verret

Very interesting idea for this and other games. I’m not sure it should just be dropped into any game, but developers should take notice.


I’ve always wondered about this. So many games essentially encourage you to have bank alts, I wonder how much of the server login load could be eased by this sort of functionality? There were lots of times at the height of my WoW’ing that I’d be bouncing out to my bank alt 10-12 times an hour.


In this case I don’t think it’s easing any load, as it seems to go through the same process as switching characters the normal way… the only difference being that the two characters automatically shadow each other’s location. I can see it being useful for guild quests; ride there on main with the fast horse, and then switch to the char you’re leveling… if the quest targets end up being too tough, switch back to main with minimal fuss.


Character swap in a game with no content, trash korean mmo