Crowfall talks about test patch 5.7 and the horrors of zoning

Place after place.

The latest community Q&A video from Crowfall is actually not that at all. It’s supposed to be that, of course, that’s what it claims to be on the tin (or in the video header), but the upcoming test patch 5.7 is the real topic of discussion for this video, and that has overtaken any actual list of questions. And with good cause; there are lots of little things in the patch that seem simple, like having multiple zones in the same world, which have actually been huge technical headaches that take a lot of development work to make functional.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your views), zoning isn’t the only challenging thing going on in the patch. After all, there are other mechanics like crafting changes, new monsters, and of course the infection by the Hunger. You can find out about it in the video just below; just don’t expect to get much in the way of questions answered. Shifting zones works, that’s reason enough to be happy, right?


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Joe Seabreeze

Is this game ever getting a release? Sheesh, seems like it has been in development forever!


I honestly don’t like dev video blogs; I don’t have 15 mins of linear time to just sit agog at their meandering dialogue for EACH of the umpteen different games that I follow. You’re not celebrities, you’re devs.

So I apologize for not watching the video, but the summary has me scratching my head. The “huge” technical challenges with zoning? Didn’t Blizzard (largely) solve these in 2004? (Yes, I recognize that WoW wasn’t FREE of zoning, not even close. But you could walk from Everlook to Winterspring and not see a single zone-loading screen. Hell, WW20L has had a 1/2 scale map of the low countries 120km x 230km and that doesn’t have ANY zones at all?

(on this scale, WoW’s vanilla world was about 40x40km – same as SWG)

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

FWIW, the Crowfall ones are usually pretty good compared to most studios – a lot of companies are doing 1, 2, 3 hour streams, and I’m with you. The 15-min ones are pretty condensed without much fluff. And they can get it recorded and out way faster this way than if they had to spend a day transcribing that much content.


plus there are loons like me that found out how to automatically create transcriptions from youtube subtitles ;0

example for this video

great for the many 1h+ dev streams…

[or watch/listen to the videos at x1.5 or x2.0 playback speed hah]

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Cyclone Jack

I’ve just recently started following Crowfall, and I felt this video was pretty informative; admittedly, I have not seen their regular Q&A videos, so I can’t vouch for them. It seems many systems are coming online in this update, and they seem to be getting closer and closer to having a more representative environment of what the final product will be like. I’m just waiting for some Frostweaver info before I decide to jump in or not.

As for zoning, yes, many games have done this before, but it is still a huge challenge when creating your own engine, then couple that with randomly generated worlds. So I imagine them getting this online and working is a pretty big milestone for the game.