The Elder Scrolls Online introduces the driven huntress, Hanu

We only get a small peek at the character of Hanu, one of the major NPCs in the upcoming Wolfhunter DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. But what we see is immediately the essence of a power move with a young woman who asks how to visit Hircine’s Hunting Grounds while remaining alive, rather than spending a live devoted to the deity and being sent there as an eternal reward.

Of course, her reasons are less a matter of “it seemed neat to see if I could do this” and more “I intend to rescue the soul of my dead father,” so there’s a good reason for why she wants to do something that by all rights ought to be impossible. But it remains a power move and should give you an idea of the sort of woman you’re dealing with. Not that she’s likely to survive the experience on her own, of course; slipping into the Hunting Grounds via the next Great Hunt is not precisely a safe plan.

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I’m actually kind of glad ESO came up in the Massively feed, and I have a question for you ESO fans out there. To elaborate, I tried ESO three times; at launch, about six months later, and once more like maybe 6-7 months after that. Each time I had the same issues: 1) I found the story and questing pretty average and not particularly engaging, 2) the combat was ok but nothing special, and 3) I didn’t find the player avatars very appealing, certainly no where near as good looking as they are in GW2.

That said, I know there have been a ton of updates and new content since my last abortive attempt, most notably Tamriel Unlimited and Morrowind. In light of all the new content, is there a chance that ‘4th time would be the charm’ if I tried it again?

blah blazh

The updates since you last played aren’t going to help with your points 2 and 3. I like the stories in the DLC’s, particularly Orsinium. The side quests are standard though and they won’t change your opinion of them. I think a lot of the main story lines are pretty good though. Anyway, pretty subjective as always.

As a whole though, I don’t think anything in the game currently will really change your mind considering your points above with it. There is a ESO+ free trial going on right now though, it lasts until the 15th. Might give it a shot, never know if your tastes have changed.

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ty for the info. To be fair I don’t recall getting too too far in to the game content. I was in the Ebonhard pact and finished the island and starter map, and maybe 1-2 others at most, so it is entirely possible that I gave up on it a bit too soon.

And come to think of it, I did like John Cleese and Jen Hale in the early main story chapters I did.