Black Desert launches a cross-regional ‘Global Lab’ test server

So many games have test servers of one form or another that we seldom even need to spell out the acronym PTS – and now one more MMORPG is moving itself to that pile. Black Desert has opened up its “Global Lab,” and it actually reminds me more of something like Ultima Online’s multi-region free-for-all temporary servers, as it’ll include boosts and other tweaks for characters being played there. Nope, you can’t transfer existing characters there.

“We are launching the first Global Lab server to help improve the stability of new updates on the live servers,” Kakao says. “Through the new server we will open game content in development earlier so that we can test them as well. Thus the Global Lab server will already have characters pre-created depending on the test purpose and some game money will be provided so that you can test the characters fully. The servers settings may also be changed so that you can gain items and raise your character faster. Similarly, the Global Lab server may be reset or the service may be suspended at any time in order to analyze the feedback as quickly as possible so that we can apply the feedback as much as we can into live service.”

The test environment does require a separate client download, and apparently it won’t work for EU players, in spite of the fact that Kakao is located in the EU. Expect a reset every two weeks.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Arktouros!

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Toy Clown

To this point, I’ve always considered Korea to be the test server since it was the first globally to get any content and patches. Then we got to watch (sometimes impatiently!) as they spent weeks and months tweaking and balancing before releasing to US / EU.

I checked out the new test server’s notes and they read identical to Korea’s patch release yesterday. The whole thing has me scratching at my head. But hey! If it makes the player base happy, that’s less toxicity tossed around!


The big change is the inclusion of new grinding areas under the sea. That seems to be the big thing they’re testing currently.


They talk about the EU thing in their patch notes today – which is a completely unintuitive place to put it but whatever.

Please keep in mind that this Global Lab testing service is not available to all regions that service Black Desert Online due to temporary difficulties (including GDPR for EU players), and currently the service will kick off for NA players. PearlAbyss is currently seeking to support EU players in the future.

I have to chuckle, though at yet another GDPR casualty.


As a long time player of BDO I haven’t been this excited to play the game as much since launch. So many amazing features are being added in KR recently with Lifeskill Support and they’re done in a really cool way that largely bypasses the existing enhancing system.

Them adding a Global Test server shows their ongoing commitment to the community and that our feedback actually matters. We asked for it. We got it. Like so much many other things.

The Global Test server is also interesting because of the dynamic of the server. As a consequence free server, people are free to hop in with equal gear and hammer away at each other without consequence. It’s very interesting and some rivalries between regions are already forming.