Identity’s town module — with player housing — is about ready to go live

Look, chairs!

While the idea of a mere “town square” taking up the total landscape for an upcoming MMO test might seem small, that’s only the case if the game in question isn’t Identity. If it is, then you should expect a huge amount of detail and content packed into this “social gameplay module.”

Part of that content is player housing, which will initially take the form of purchasable apartments. The team is currently putting the finishing touches on the housing system (at least for this version), promising players that they will be able to tour all of the apartment types before they make a decision to buy.

Identity has raised $1.26 million to date from 28,152 backers. These are pretty patient backers, too, since the promised town square module has been repeatedly delayed. Check out some housing goodness below!

Source: Identity
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