RIFT’s progression server moves on to Ember Isle, onslaughts, and planar attunement

It’s a big step forward for RIFT’s one and only progression server. Prime inhabitants can now move into the game’s 1.6 Update with all of its vanilla RIFT endgame glory.

There’s a lot of content for players to plunder with this update, starting with the (re)introduction of the Ember Isle. This tougher level 50 zone includes 30 additional quests and many other activities to keep players busy at the level cap.

Also arriving with yesterday’s patch are the defensive-themed onslaughts, the Caduceus Rise dungeon, and Planar Attunement. This last feature is an ongoing character progression system that converts post-level 50 XP into advancement through several enhancement fields. The full patch notes are up as well and mention some of the class tweaks and general fixes that went into the game.

Source: RIFT
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Progressing way too fast. IF they’d just lunch servers for Vanilla Rift I’d re-sub.

Malcolm Swoboda

You’re about the first person I’ve seen that said they’re progressing too fast.

Sure Ember Isle is more Classic T2-T3 content, but otherwise they’ve been sitting on the most basic of the T1 (or before) content for a few months now, and this’ll continue into Fall.

That being said, I personally wouldn’t mind an option to just keep my character in a Classic RIFT server… it wouldn’t be very active, but it’d likely keep some active endgame guilds for a while. Longer than 2018 and likely 2019 at least. I’m talking about all T1-T3 Classic content though, not the current barely-T1.

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With the “Gazillion” promo thing that Trion are running I decided to use it to jump into Rift (once they got the promo working anyhow) as it came with a months sub and all the souls. So I could if I wanted to play on the progression server but honestly after looking into it I am not seeing the attraction. To me it seems just like live but with less content, perhaps I am missing something?

Anyway that aside I am having some fun on the live server levelling up a Primalist and its been nice to see Rift again after being away for so long. At this point I am not sure if I will continue subbing after my free month runs still I have a few weeks to think about it so we will see.

John Kiser

There are people that enjoy going back before certain changes were made and progressing through games as the changes come. This type of stuff has a specific crowd to it that enjoys it. Progression servers aren’t for everyone and if you want the game in it’s current form best off not playing it.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Less content, but increasing every 1-2 months.
  • No P2W at all, unless you consider a potential mount at Lv 1 P2W.
  • Localized community, no server shards involved.
  • Tweaks throughout. Some bothering people like personal looting in raids (so groups can’t get some drop and just decide who gets/rolls for it), some being lauded like new unique fluff drops in all sorts of content, and some mixed like forced zone/content scaling. Its intended to be redesigned as more of a game that has everything more relevant, compared to Live at least.
John Kiser

I’ve been curios now if Rift is able to do progression servers the same way that the everquest franchise was able to or not given the whole instancing stuff they have going on in world. Everquest is able to load up all the npcs and everything in game when they transition into the next expansion without restarting things.